3. Introductions

Hi everyone and thank you for joining us for the first-ever Data Carpentry workshop at University of Nevada, Reno. We are excited for this workshop, but we also have a lot to cover. Bear with us and we will try to have you leave with a set of skills that can be applied to your data.

3.1. Here are your instructors for the workshop:


  • Elias Oziolor - Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Davis
    • Elias spent his dissertation time exploring the mechanism of adaptation which allows F. grandis to adapt to heavy contamination
    • Currently he is working on developing computational tools for analyzing time-series population genomic data to understand the effects of population collapse in Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii), as well as assisting with the transcriptomic assessment of responses of herring to early developmental co-exposure of oil and viral challenge.


  • Sateesh Peri - PhD Candidate at UNR
    • Sateesh spends his time creating custom computational pipelines to analyze differential expression of Long non-coding RNAs in spermatogenesis.